About us

We have been thinking of tomorrow’s ways of living since 1999.
We have been thinking of
tomorrow’s ways of living since 1999.

INOV3 is an engineering office focused on product development. We support start-ups, SMEs, and international customers in innovation, prototyping, and industrialization processes. In more than 20 years of experience, we have gained extensive experience in mechanical engineering, development of products, packaging, household devices and Food Safety Prototype in conformity with food standards.

Today, any company desiring to innovate, develop a product, improve its quality, reduce its costs, or decrease its negative impact on the environment can contact us.

Our history

INOV3 Sàrl was founded in 1999 by three newly graduated mechanical engineers.

Over the years, the company has grown and has been able to adapt to the growing demands of its customers. Today, INOV3 consists of a solid team of more than 25 multidisciplinary collaborators, a mechanical workshop and a laboratory for tests and measurements.

Our varied experience in various fields has enabled us to build up a network of internal and external skills guaranteeing a high degree of reactivity and mastery of the entire development process: from the idea to the final product.

Today, we emphasize the ecological dimension of your products. We use our expertise in the service of sustainability and energy efficiency. The aim is to produce smartly and to use the available resources in an optimal way.

Human relations are at the heart of our priorities. We base our relationships with our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers on mutual trust, respect, and a long-term vision. Regardless of the scale of your project, our close, simple, and direct collaboration will ensure its success.

The core of our business is innovation and sustainability – giving shape to your ideas is our motto.

Bought by SDATAWAY SA in 2023, Inov3 joined the INTRETECH group allowing it to provide services to the entire project from innovation, 3D modeling, prototyping, mecanics, electronics and industrialization to the production of items in small as well as big quantities.

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