From the initial idea
to industrialization

Your project, different steps, at innovation’s service.
Your project,
different steps,
at innovation’s service.

Since 1999, we have been accompanying our clients in the various life cycles of their products. We help them to materialize their ideas, optimize , gain in efficiency, reduce the costs, and think sustainably. Thanks to our precious skills network, we offer a complete service from the initial idea to the industrialization of your product. Together, we seek the right formula and the right providers in order to find the innovation that will give you a competitive advantage.

    • Initial analysis
    • Market's state of the art
    • Strategic approach
    • Project management
    • Projections
Feasibility study
    • Client specifications & scope
    • Brainstorming
    • Ergonomic analysis
    • Search of ideas
    • Technology watch
    • Offer and planning
Design and development
    • Final specifications
    • 3D Modeling
    • Mechanics, mechatronics
    • Fluidics, thermodynamics
    • Industrial design
    • Automation, coding
    • Laboratory tests
    • Support for patents
    • Homologation analysis
    • Functional prototype
    • OEM research
    • Choice of materials
    • Costs analysis (BOM)
    • Production support
    • Co-design with OEM
    • FInal 3D modeling
    • Mass prototyping
    • Production plan
    • Tolerance analysis
    • Assembly analysis
    • Life cycle test
    • Industrial design update
    • Suppliers management
    • FOT analysis on site
    • Control process
Support, continuous improvement
    • Feedbacks study and follow-up
    • Improvement plans
    • Quality control
    • Delivery follow-up
    • Stability study
    • Recycling, dismantling
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