Bam music box

Give your child a musical ear from birth.

Eco-friendly musical awakening

BAM is an educational and eco-friendly music box designed to accompany toddlers during their sleep with carefully selected and arranged lullabies. It promotes musical awakening, the learning of musical scales, and provides a sense of security for children’s healthy development.

Manufactured in Switzerland with bio-sourced materials and CE certified, it is environmentally friendly. BAM stimulates children’s cognitive abilities while preserving their hearing as it has a low sound volume.

Arranged by a professional musician-educator, it offers exceptional sound quality. Rechargeable in 1h45 for a month of use, initiated by Juan Buti and developed with the help of  engineers from Inov3 and designers, the project aims to fill a gap in the offering of quality musical toys for children.

Six melodies, each representing an interval of the major scale.

Major Second
beginning of “Frère Jacques”

Major Third
beginning of “A la claire fontaine”

Perfect Fourth
beginning of “Someday My Prince Will Come”
(F. Churchill)

Perfect Fifth
beginning of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”
(W. A. Mozart)

Major Sixth
beginning of “Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2”
(F. Chopin)

Octave and Seventh
beginning of “Etude Op. 60, No. 2”
(M. Carcassi)

To learn more about BAM:

We use it in daycare and it’s really fantastic!

I love it! Such a beautiful music box with pieces designed to develop a child’s musical ear. I highly recommend it! It’s also a great baby shower gift.

There’s no age limit for listening to a music box with perfect sound!